nekk'= je, moi (prononce netch en tamazight chaoui.)




Tahcumt ( Dj Z /2597)


Ur' y ttlummam  ca  imeddukal inu nekk' qqime8 seddu n taqqa taqdimt agi

 ttzalli8 id-n iz8a8 n iber8uggalen zik i'mmuten

Ur' y ttlummam  ca  ay imeddukal inu nekk' jenesse8 tizra n Granitt agi

acku asen-neuce8 tameddurt seg-Fussillen agi

Ur' y ttlummam  ca  ay imeddukal inu  nekk' ggure8 f idj udar dug-zyen n ubrid agi

Ur'  y ttlummam  ca  ay imeddukal inu  nekk' ttakre8 isehharen.

tisehharin d' ak imakaren n imanen imuzazen

Ur' y ttelummam  ca  ay imeddukal inu  nekk' ttla8i8 ken 8er tewiza dug-zgen n yid

Ur'  y ttelummam  ca  ay imeddukal inu  nekk' ur ne3te8 udem inu  di tefawt n wass

Di tebe3liyyin tineddayin ig'zellin f teqerbusin s ixenfaf izugga8en

Tinfusin tizirarin neddhent ayur , cetthent seddu n teziri  nes

Ekkertt-idd ay imuddukal n temzi 'nu , ekker-dd aa timzi n imeddukal inu

D tahcumt tedjim-ten ttettsen id-n timumiyin tilemmittiyin nne8

D tahcumt tedjim ten ukren seg-Med8asen   ixsan n iCuhaden nne8

D tahcumt tedjim  tisednan nsen wwint iherzen si-ttiqan n teyyrut taqduct nne8

D tahcumt D tahcumt D tahcumt .


English Version:

Blame me not my friends that i sit under this ancient oak-tree

and commune with the ghosts of its  long dead blackbirds

Blame me not my friends that i foul these holy  granite stones

that i may bring them back to  life  from  these old-age aviarian fossils

Blame me  not my friends that i walk on one leg  on this half-road

Blame me not my friends that i rob sorcerers, shamans,

witches  and all robbers of all the lesser souls

Blame me not my friends that i call upon you to Tewiza in the middle of the night.

Blame me not my friends that i do not show my face to daylight.

In the lowlands   that whirl around  our  seven red-nosed  hills

tall tales that scratch  the moon dance under its shadow all  night

wake up friends of my youth, wake up youth of my friends 

Shame you let them  sleep shamelessly with our  long dead momified ones

Shame you let them  steal from Imedghasen   the bones of our martyrs

Shame you let their  women took our amulets from holes in our holy stone-hedge.

Shame, shame, shame.

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